ZigZag Mission Statement 2022

ZigZag delivers the best technology and service to transform the returns experience globally. Our mission is to reduce the cost, waste and friction associated with returns, boost customer loyalty and make retailers more profitable and sustainable.

Paperless Solution

Our labelless technology has eliminated the need for 2 million return labels to be included in delivery parcels.

Part of the Circular Economy

100% of goods are kept out of landfill as all international returns are consolidated before being returned, resold or recycled.

Reducing your carbon footprint

ZigZag's solution uses data analytics to return goods in the most energy-efficient way possible, reducing journeys by more than 60%.

Our Take Back commitment

At ZigZag we understand that the modern day retailer needs to be able to offer an end-of-life solution to its consumers. Not every clothing piece is designed to be a timeless classic and tastes, styles, and people change over time, so retailers need to be responsive.

Resale has grown 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over the past three years (according to thredUP’s Resale Report), highlighting the growing desire from consumers to join the circular economy themselves. Primark have recently announced they will join H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Zara in offering an in-store ‘Take Back’ scheme, to further help customers donate second-hand clothing.

ZigZag Take Back Scheme Secondhand Clothes

Leading the way

With this in mind, ZigZag became the first returns management solution provider to add ‘Take Back’ functionality to its portal. Retailers can now offer recycling and resale options for returns, directly addressing the huge landfill issue in fashion. ZigZag’s special solution allows for:

      • Goods to be returned in-store. Customers can have their returns or unwanted clothes processed at the retailer’s brick and mortar store. Their information can be recorded directly onto the ZigZag portal by your staff, and with the customer already in your store there’s a greater chance of up-sell. 
      • Goods to be returned directly to the warehouse. Using the ZigZag portal at home, customers can provide the information on the goods being returned and select the carrier most convenient for them from the retailer’s approved list. The item can then be graded by the receiving warehouse and redirected accordingly.

More on the horizon

The solution helps identify when and where the items are coming back, and can redirect it to the most appropriate place according to their condition. By digitising the process, retailers will have the opportunity in the future to reward the most active donors and recyclers.

Driving sustainability in the retail industry is at the heart of our business. With our paperless solution already making a huge environmental impact and our ‘Take Back’ scheme functionality going live imminently, stay tuned for our next tech feature aimed at making retail more eco-friendly.

ZigZag Take Back Scheme Shopping
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