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Al Gerrie of ZigZag Global: Enabling Convenient and Green Retail Returns

ZigZag Global’s CEO & Co-Founder Al Gerrie caught up with Understory to discuss the impact that our returns platform has had on the post-purchase experience, retailers and their customers, and, of course, the environment.

Understory first highlighted ZigZag Global as part of its Startups Driving Sustainability 2020 Report which shone a light on the emerging companies using “technology, science, or processes to accelerate sustainable change” within their industries. So, with Brexit and coronavirus gradually making it into retail’s back mirror, there was plenty to explore when we followed up with an appearance on Understory’s Spotlight Showcase series.

Al provided a bit of background as to how we grew as a business through the development and investment stages into becoming a leading returns management solution with an expertise-rich 75-strong team. The podcast highlighted the importance around strong data. Knowing more about who, what, when, where, why and how a return is being made allows retailers to make better decisions around the returns journey. Whether they need help differentiating between loyal customers and potential serial returners, identifying problem products, or better managing their warehouse, ZigZag’s platform ensures retailers make better decisions about their returns.

Another key area highlighted in the podcast was the emergence of paperless returns. ZigZag has been able to dramatically reduce the use of paper labels by removing them from outbound orders and allowing customers to process their return online. 68% of customers now opt for the paperless returns solution as the public become increasingly aware of their own role in making the world more sustainable.

Al Gerrie of ZigZag Global: Enabling Convenient and Green Retail Returns


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