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National Retail Federation


In retail, vision isn’t something you have, it’s something you do. A course of action. A plan of attack. A way of working that not only predicts the future, but creates it – one day at a time. That kind of vision isn’t easy to find, but this year of all years it’s worth taking a closer look.

Brush shoulders with the brands you need to know at the world’s largest retail conference and expo, and be able to connect with visionary attendees that span the entire business universe.

NRF brings focus and clarity to the retail industry: convening the biggest and brightest in retail, on the topics that matter most. The sessions at Retail’s Big Show deliver visionary people sharing visionary ideas, allowing you to leave with the vision to transform your business in the year ahead.

NRF 2020 and NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show is the one event where people make more than just contacts, they make cohorts. And with more than 38,000 people converging in NYC, NRF has created special events and programs to make it easy to meet and greet (and collaborate), to ensure that all who attend are able to benefit from the fantastic opportunities present.

Attendees and speakers and exhibitors at NRF ensure that everyone who attends hears from market leaders and innovative thinkers. 2019 included:

Steven J. Barr, Consumer Markets Leader at PwC

David Behen, Chief Information Officer at La-Z-Boy

Manish Chandra, Founder and CEO of Poshmark

Sara Castellanos, Chief Information Officer Journal from The Wall Street Journal


Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group

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