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Sky Postal


SkyPostal aims to provide its clients with a consistent, secure and reliable international shipping and delivery service of the highest standards through the use of innovative logistics solutions and state-of-the-art technology. By streamlining complex processes and maximizing provider output, SkyPostal strive to help their partners expand into Latin America where they can gain access to new audiences, all the while providing their customers with the same level of service their U.S. customers expect. SkyPostal have been pioneers in the courier and mail delivery business to Latin America since 1972.


SkyPostal offers a reliable, secure and cost effective parcel delivery service enabling customers to sell abroad without the headaches associated with an international delivery. SkyPostal have worked with their providers to set up Return Centers in the major countries to be able to give our clients a seamless returns process for their customers. It’s as simple as printing a return label from a client’s website, dropping off the package at a local office or requesting a pickup.

Furthermore, SkyPostal offers customer the largest private delivery network in Latin America, trackable packages, customs clearance, returns management and web service integration.


Dorral, Florida.


Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cambodia and areas of South America.

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