ZigZag Global interviewed by BBC Radio One Breakfast

With driver shortages rivalling Netflix’s Squid Games for the country’s biggest talking points, BBC Radio One Breakfast wanted to hear more from logistics experts ahead of peak season.

Al Gerrie, Co-Founder & CEO of ZigZag Global was interviewed by BBC Radio One host Vanessa Feltz on the impact of the driver shortage on the retail sector, his predictions for how it will continue, and best advice for consumers looking to avoid Christmas shopping chaos.

We were delighted to be once again asked for commentary by such a well-respected and trust news channel.  BBC Radio One Breakfast regularly attracts audiences of over 5.69million listeners, so it is great to see the returns conversation growing in importance nationally. Around a third of consumers make a purchase with the intention of returning, so it’s safe to assume there would have been over a million returners tuning in on Thursday 7th October 2021 for the discussion.

Our carrier and logistics team have worked tirelessly to ensure that our delivery network has kept the flow of returns moving throughout September and October. However, this year’s peak is likely to be the biggest on record for eCommerce and the effects of Brexit are still very much being felt across the supply chain. So, there is definitely the possibility that retailers and by extension customers across the country could see delays to their outbound orders and returns coming back (especially those from overseas).

Al Gerrie commented, “Buying early is a good thing this year…and we have seen problems [adjusting to] the demand last year particularly for the logistics industry just because so many people [were] shopping from home and using eCommerce to buy their gifts…from the retailer perspective holding stock locally wherever possible will be really important.”

You can listen to Al Gerrie below!