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Retail Without Borders


Retail Without Borders is Europe’s largest online marketplace conference, bringing together established international retailers with world leading global marketplaces.

Throughout the day people learn how to accelerate their global online sales, boost international brand awareness, navigate local customs, international shipping and language barriers, as well as hear case studies from leaders in the field of international ecommerce.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level by expanding your global proposition, Retail Without Borders is an event not to be missed!

Retail Without Borders draws in 500+ high calibre, engaged delegates focused on international expansion, direct access to marketplace representatives, educational agenda shaped by feedback from previous delegates and a focus on providing the tools to drive international ecommerce success. With the ability to network with leading online retailers and ecommerce experts and a fully catered, high quality venue in the heart of London, Retail Without Borders is an event than, if anyone is seeking to expand and grow their knowledge base but also their potential aspirations the resources necessary to do so.

The calibre of attendees that attend Retail Without Borders cannot be understated. Previous attendees include:





Ralph Lauren

And Marks and Spencer

The 2019 expo featured a number of speakers from a variety of retail and business backgrounds. The notable speaker at the event this year was Channel 4 news broadcaster, Jon Snow who attended as a guest chair and hosting the panel of experts. With other speakers including Chris Attewell, CEO at Search Laboratory, Laurence Guy, Founder and CEO of Pentagon and Sarah Carroll, the author of Grow Fast, Grow Global.

Are you thinking of attending or are attending Retail Without Borders 2020?

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