The Retail Returns Study Webinar

ZigZag Global’s dynamic duo Jason Taylor, Commercial Director, and Laura Davies, Head of Client Success hosted The Retail Returns Study Webinar to over 120 retail and logistics professionals.

How we got our incredible insight.

At the start of the year, ZigZag Global conducted an extensive study into consumer expectations around the returns experience – from their role in the buying decision to return methods; frustrations, consumer preferences, and whether consumers really do care about going green. 

We surveyed over 1,000 UK shoppers who had made a purchase online within the last six months, across all ages and gender categories, to uncover the truth about what consumers really want from eCommerce returns.

Translating insight into The Five Personas of eCommerce Returners

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This fresh research was used to curate The Five Personas of eCommerce Returners. From the Fast Fashionista demanding instant refunds to the Eco Warrior that wants to know the most sustainable carrier options, the vast majority of respondents fit into one of these personas which shared both similar demands of the returns process and demographic profiles.

Wrapping it all up in a neat little webinar.

Equipped with industry statistics, retailer feedback from our recent Roundtable event, and nearly 40 years of retail and logistics experience, Laura and Jason led the audience through the types of returners retailers are likely to deal with. Each persona was explored alongside interesting findings from the study and best practice advice for how retailers can better shape their returns policies to meet and exceed their post-purchase experience expectations.

Why you should give it a watch.

Returns policies are proving to not only be an opportunity to build satisfaction and loyalty with your customers but also win new ones. 79% of shoppers now check the policy before purchasing something online with around half of them moving on if they are not impressed with what they see. With so much riding on having a great returns policy, why not get achievable and practical advice from industry-leading returns experts?  

Where can you watch it?

It’s on demand now! We don’t want to give too much away here, so sign up and watch whenever you manage to find a spare half an hour.

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