Global eCommerce returns

ZigZag offers a range of services to help you manage, track and resell your stock

Global returns solution

Global returns solutions

Access to over 220 localised warehouses, through 1,000 international carrier services, across 135 countries, with 320,000 drop off locations worldwide.
Seamless Integration

Seamless integration

Connect directly via API or using our ready made Shopify, BigCommerce, & Magento cartridges in as little as 1 hour.
Live Exchanges

Live Exchanges

'Save the sale' with ZigZag's Live Exchanges functionality. The new feature enables customers to instantly request a new replacement item in exchange for the return of the original.


ZigZag is ensuring the retail industry becomes more eco-friendly through our sustainability initiatives that target reducing carbon footprints, reducing paper waste, and keeping goods out of landfill.

ZigZag Global is a SaaS platform that helps retailers manage and resell returned stock in local markets.

ZigZag provides a retailer branded returns portal that links directly from the returns page on your website. Our software makes intelligent decisions, knowing the most route-efficient ZigZag warehouse to send the return to, so we can consolidate, resell or refulfil to another customer. By using the ZigZag returns platform, you can save money on returns, customers can get faster refunds, and stock will be back in the supply chain and available for sale more quickly.

Marketplace Resell

ZigZag can hold your packaging in stock so that items delivered to your customers from our warehouses contain your own branded packaging (storage fees may apply).

Tracked returns

Returns are fully tracked or part tracked wherever possible, and the ZigZag returns platform will give visibility on what’s coming back and how much it will cost before it has even left the customer.

Intelligent insight

ZigZag can use real sales data to understand where your products will sell best. So rather than sending all products back to one warehouse, we will route them intelligently to where they have the highest propensity to sell.


ZigZag has developed a paperless returns technology that eliminates the need for labels in the box, depending on courier requirements.


ZigZag can inspect the goods to check they are as described, grade them, and offer product refurbishment. ZigZag can support video training to ensure consistency across multiple warehouses.

White label solution

ZigZag offers a white label solution to carriers, warehouses, and technology partners interested in providing a branded return solution to their retailers.

Faster integration

The local ZigZag receiving warehouse can confirm goods are as described, whilst the retailer sends a replacement or a refund on the same day, speeding up the process and improving the customer experience.

Return to store

ZigZag offers a comprehensive solution for managing the returns process from store to store, outlet or warehouse.


The ZigZag returns portal can include payment options, offer free returns, or even deduct the returns cost from the refund upon receipt of the goods. ZigZag supports both Braintree and PayPal technology.


ZigZag can lower your carbon footprint by cutting down the distance products have to travel. By offering localised warehouses we can cut parcel journeys by up to 65%.

Domestics / International returns

ZigZag can consolidate returns to send them back to you, itemised by pallet, at the most cost-efficient time or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on volumes.


ZigZag can support a warehouse only option with no carriers in certain territories if required, so the portal will still generate the appropriate returns label even if no postage or courier booking is required.

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