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FAQ page

1. My bank statement shows a payment to ZigZag Global – what is this for?

ZigZag manages returns for retailers such as Topshop, Mahabis and many other online retailers who use our services for shipping labels to send back returned goods. We take payment in some instances where the retailer charges for returns. Please note this payment is only to facilitate the shipping and we are not responsible for the refund of the actual goods – please get in touch with the retailer who sold you the goods. Thank you for using the ZigZag Global returns service.

2. I need help – who should I contact?

Please email with any questions and we will be happy to help. You will also be assigned an account manager who will work with you on the onboarding.

3. What is the Lite portal for?

The Lite portal allows consumers to have a returns portal without an order feed integration. It can be used as a temporary solution until you have built an order feed, or for creating exception orders via a customer service team. We can build you a lite portal in under 1 hour. This can serve as backup option that works without data in backend but not more than that.

4. What is the Pro portal for?

The Pro portal allows consumers to have a returns portal with an order feed integration, for a better customer experience. Consumers will be able to see what they have purchased and choose reasons for returns. This is the standard user case with best user experience as well as preferred and recommended option.

5. The API allows for the relevant order details to be transmitted to ZigZag at the point that the end-user indicates an intention to return an item. Correct?

Yes, this pushes OB order data from Retailer to ZigZag  for the individual orders that are being returned.

6. How do we validate how the original outbound shipment was sent?

There is a field in the outbound order feed for outbound carrier name and fields for the outbound tracking number and original order date.

7. Do the fields in the flat file have to be in the same order as per the layout?

No. Any order is OK if there is an index key of OrderNumber

8. What do I need to do when I launch?

You will need to make 3 small changes – your returns page on your website, your order confirmation emails and the wording on your dispatch notes.

9. How will my customers find the portal?

Via the link on your website, a link on your confirmation emails or a link on the dispatch note. We also suggest you consider adding a QR code to the returns portal – ask us how if you are not sure.

10. Why is providing images via Image URL field so important?

This is what allows best end-user experience as consumer can see pictures of what his/her original order was and helps to select correct items for return.

11. Which data fields are being displayed to end-consumer during label creation?

This would  be list of all fields that are, e.g. Image if available, weight, item description.