Live Exchanges

Returns management is often discussed through the lens of Free or Paid for returns.
But beyond the cost of the return, there is a bigger ‘hit’ the retailer must take and that’s the lost revenue of the sale itself.

The Solution

ZigZag’s new Live Exchanges feature enables customers to instantly request a new item in exchange for the return of the original.

ZigZag’s intelligent returns portal uses data that is already available – Price, Product and Stock Feeds – to recommend and facilitate an immediate exchange online.

How does it work?

Instead of ‘Return’, customers have the additional option to ‘Exchange’ the item.

Customers can exchange by price, size, colour, similar product or a variation of both.

Best of all, retailers remain in control, reviewing exchange requests in the ZigZag Admin Portal and receiving notifications in real time.


Why are Live Exchanges good for retailers?

By making it easier for shoppers to view real-time alternative product options, retailers increase the chance of ‘saving the sale’ and retaining valuable customer revenue.

By contributing to the overall satisfaction of shoppers, retailers demonstrate their attentiveness to their customers’ time, reducing the likelihood of them shopping elsewhere.

of customers would like retailers to offer an easy exchange returns process.
of returns are processed due to sizing issues, a problem easily solved through exchanges.

So what are you waiting for…

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