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Peoplevox partners with ZigZag Global for returns

ZigZag PeopleVox Warehouse

Peoplevox partners with ZigZag Global for returns

SaaS warehouse management system Peoplevox has partnered with ZigZag Global to provide a multicarrier returns solution to their clients. Peoplevox provides a specialised warehouse management system that puts retailers back in control of their stock and processes.

Peoplevox creates more efficient warehouse workflows, which results in more accurate and timely deliveries, no human errors, and ultimately an increase in customer satisfaction. The software can be monitored in real-time through a mobile app.

Peoplevox can now send order feeds straight to ZigZag so that no integration is required, unlocking a vast network of 100 carriers, 220 warehouses internationally, and 320,000 drop-off locations. Returns can be sent by post office, locker or collected directly from a customer’s home.

Returns rates in the UK can be over 50% for some retailers, which is somewhat attributed to the readiness of British shoppers to return items, with 76% of them checking the returns policy prior to purchasing online according to Royal Mail. The importance of the returns process has helped ZigZag quickly become a necessity for e-commerce businesses. 

Combing Peoplevox’s streamlined warehouse solution with the ZigZag returns management platform allows retailers to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction, in addition to increasing the chance of reselling their returned goods.



Jonathan Bellwood, CEO of Peoplevox said:

“ZigZag has been on our radar for a while and it is a slick customer experience which we feel compliments the Peoplevox platform perfectly. We are both part of the circular economy and we feel there is a lot of synergy between the two platforms. ZigZag is carrier agnostic which we felt was really important to give retailers and consumers the best possible choice of returns options.”

Al Gerrie, CEO of ZigZag, commented:

“The Peoplevox WMS platform is a natural fit for us – we have a number of shared clients already so it made sense for us to do a seamless integration so that retailers using the Peoplevox platform can plug into ZigZag in just a few clicks. Peoplevox have some very exciting and fast-growing ecommerce retailers on their software but most retailers need a bit of help when it comes to returns and ZigZag can bring a best-in-class solution to retailers of all sizes.”