A hat-trick of nominations for ZigZag at the eCommerce Awards 2021

ZigZag Global is delighted to announce that we have received a hat-trick of nominations for the eCommerce Awards 2021.

It has been a tumultuous year for retail. The pandemic continued to open and close non-essential stores and even cancelled Christmas gatherings for most southern regions in the UK. Brexit finally happened, wreaking havoc on supply chains, and forcing retailers and SaaS solutions to revamp customs declarations for international online orders and returns. Finally, there was flooding across Eastern Europe to further test the already strained retail logistics network. When it rains, it pours.

However, there was some big positives to take from the chaos. eCommerce continued to boom. The explosion of online shopping during the first lockdown was predicted by some to be a flash in the pan. That eCommerce orders would soon drop down to pre-pandemic levels. That day never came. With the new level of eCommerce settled at an all-time high, naturally returns followed suit.

The B2B solution for ecommerce guided ZigZag to 3 award nominations at the eCommerce Awards 2021

The industry needed a wave of innovation to keep up and we are delighted to be recognised for our efforts in moving the sector forward. From our drive keeping returns moving through Brexit to the launch of the B2B solution that helped permanently shut stores manage and move their stock to those fortunate enough to reopen.

The eCommerce Awards is a ceremony we have a particular affinity towards. Having won accolades in both 2019 and 2020, we are honoured to be on the list of nominations for a third successive year. The prestigious eCommerce Awards will once again be held online, with a view that the eCommerce Expo will be physical next year, and will take place on Wednesday 29 September 2021 through their new virtual Awards Room.

If you can attend the awards, look out for the 3 nominations we are featured in, including: Best Innovation in eCommerce Delivery, Logistics & Fulfilment; Best Omnichannel or Multichannel Solution, and Best Outsourcer, eCommerce Partner or Supplier / Best Product at eCommerce Expo.