Al Gerrie explores the key technologies for supply chain resilience

Co-Founder & CEO of ZigZag Global Al Gerrie spoke on the Quincus Talks Webinar to discuss ‘Key Technologies for Supply Chain Resilience’. Al was joined by industry experts Nick Winder of WIN Logistics Group and Katherina Lacey of Quincus, hosted by Kevin Green of Logistics UK.

Boasting over 20 years’ experience across the retail and logistics industries, Al was invited to speak to give a fresh outlook on how to build a reverse logistics supply chain that can withstand disruption and continually improve efficiency and agility. From lorry driver shortages to Brexit-related border delays, creating a flexible and extensive logistics network is vital to keep your business moving.

ZigZag’s platform allows retailers to utilise over a 1,000 carrier services, 220 warehouses, and over 380,000 drop-off locations across 130 countries. When one carrier is suffering from temporary disruptions, ZigZag’s brands can always turn to another to ensure their customers’ returns experience is not impacted.

Al commented, “I think we all have a duty, but also a requirement from our customers now, to become more sustainable. We’ve been working on label-less returns solutions to reduce paper wastage by offering QR codes so consumers don’t have to print a label. That’s basically making label in the box for returns a thing of the past. Which has a lot of added benefit because if you are using a label in the box, you don’t know what’s coming back, when it’s coming back, who’s sending it back until you’ve opened that parcel.” This eco-friendly label-less solution improves the efficiency of the supply chain and provides more visibility to the retailers.

ZigZag was delighted to be invited to speak on the Quincus Talks webinar. It was an insight event with plenty of key takeaways, see for yourself!