Al Gerrie provides returns commentary on BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 favourites ZigZag Global were once again invited back on the station as returns continue to grab the headlines in the world of retail and logistics.

Whether it is a backlog of returns at customs or major retailers shifting from free to paid returns, reverse logistics are a huge discussion point now. BBC Radio 4’s 11 million+ weekly listeners are no doubt familiar with ZigZag by now and we are delighted to be the first port of call for an expert opinion on reverse logistics.

Felicity Hannah introduced the segment on the BBC Radio 4 Today early morning programme with Laura Lambie, Senior Investor Director at Investec Wealth & Investments. For those that missed the segment whilst waiting for their coffee to wake them up, Laura and Felicity kicked off the segment with a note that boohoo and ASOS are both feeling the extra cost burden of the new eCommerce norm of high returns.

Host Felicity Hannah – a respected voice in financial and consumer affairs – then quizzed Al Gerrie, ZigZag’s Co-Founder & CEO on the current retail market and the role of reverse logistics. From the financial impact of returns to the more sustainable approach being taken by retailers, returns pioneer Al provided some intriguing insight aided by fresh statistic from ZigZag’s most recent Retail Returns Study. Al also discussed “bracketing” – a type of returns fraud relating to the purchasing of multiple sizes or colours with the intention of returning at least one of them – and how it is making retailers reconsider the free returns model. 41% of consumers now admit to “bracketing”, a rise from 33% in 2021. The growing problem is even more popular with the younger generation, with an astounding 59% of those aged 18-25-years-old buying multiple items only to return many of them.

 “Well unfortunately it’s not really a surprise that retailers like ASOS are being impacted by the volume of returns. Returns have been steadily increasing over the last few years but particularly since the pandemic more shoppers are buying online than ever before…There’s added pressure, with the cost of living [crisis] shoppers are even more discerning about their final purchases and are undoubtedly returning more.”

Thank you for having ZigZag back on air Felicity Hannah and the BBC Radio 4 team!

You can listen to the full interview below!