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eJOOV chooses ZigZag’s technology to rejuvenate the way US retailers handle returns

Kentucky-based third-party logistics provider eJOOV will partner with ZigZag Global to deliver an intuitive and comprehensive returns solution to its retailers. eJOOV, providing a boutique fulfilment experience and offering a broad spectrum of customization and value-added services, is set to disrupt the world of eCommerce reverse logistics.

eJOOV Returns with ZigZag

Before the coronavirus hit, North American retail’s epidemic referred to its increasing return volumes. As a result of 2019’s peak season, which is the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, US consumers returned around $100 billion worth of goods and this figure is set to continue rising. Consumers forced to stay home have begun to shop online more, many for the first time ever, contributing to US retailers reporting a 92.7% online sales jump in May. With return rates climbing as high as 50% for online clothing retailers, compared to 5-10% for purchases made in stores, rising eCommerce sales will naturally increase returns volumes. US eCommerce is projected to hit $1 trillion by 2023.

By adopting ZigZag’s technology alongside their extensive grading and fulfilment processes, eJOOV will rejuvenate the way American retailers view returns. Returns are not just a cost of selling online, but a chance for a retailer to stand out from their competitors and champion customer experience. 89% of consumers check the returns policy before purchasing, with 40% of US shoppers deciding against purchasing from an etailer due to a complicated returns process. eJOOV’s ZigZag-powered returns solution will reduce the cost, friction, and waste of returns, enabling their retailers to put their customers first with a hassle-free returns process.

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Seamlessly integrated through a retailer’s website, ZigZag’s online portal will allow customers to select which items they want to return and why before choosing their preferred carrier option and printing off a label. All in sixty seconds. Also, with many consumers unlikely to want to take unnecessary safety risks to make returns in stores (20% of consumers said they plan on not entering a store again) having a number of drop off locations, contactless lockers, and home collections is vital for customer satisfaction. ZigZag’s platform will connect eJOOV retailers to a vast network of carrier services capable of collecting and bringing back returns from 195 countries across the globe in the most cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way possible.

ZigZag’s best-in-class returns solution will be coupled with eJOOV’s all-encompassing fulfilment process. The reverse logistics company can grade, assemble, store, and re-package returns quickly to enable faster refunds and provide better customer communication and tracking. UPS estimates that around 50% of value is lost from returns that could have sold in secondary markets. eJOOV is able to rebrand quality-checked returns and utilise ZigZag predictive-analytics-driven platform to send items to marketplaces where they have the best chance of being resold.

Al Gerrie, Co-Founder and CEO of ZigZag Global commented:
“We are delighted eJOOV will champion our returns solution across Northern America. As eCommerce sales continue to grow, US retailers will need both the exceptional logistics and fulfilment expertise of eJOOV and the powerful technology of ZigZag in order to successfully handle the growing level of returns.

eJOOV HQ in Kentucky

I have been impressed with the team at eJOOV and how quickly they have been getting clients live. eJOOV is run by a team of seasoned eCommerce professionals who really understand the needs of retailers. We are experiencing high demand to leave product in local market right now due to COVID-19, so eJOOV offers a really well-placed facility to enable recommerce”

Eric Williams, CEO of eJOOV commented:
“This was a very easy decision for eJOOV to partner with ZigZag in this space. We are like-minded with our approach and passionate for reverse logistics. Returns are a growing problem that we both see as an opportunity to wildly improve our customer’s eCommerce experience and bottom line. eJOOV provides the physical service while ZigZag provides it’s cutting-edge software package. We’re very pleased to call ZigZag our partner now and in the future.”

About ZigZag

ZigZag Global is a software solution to help eCommerce retailers manage returns domestically and globally. The ZigZag platform connects major retailers to a global network of over 220 warehouses, over 200 carrier services, and 50 marketplaces in over 130 countries from a single integration.

ZigZag delivers the best technology and service to transform the returns experience globally to reduce the cost, waste, and friction associated with returns; boost customer loyalty, and make retailers more profitable and sustainable.

About eJOOV

eJOOV removes the pain of fulfillment and processing returns, providing fast turnaround and low cost by leveraging technology, economies of scale and Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

eJOOV was founded by four friends and colleagues with lengthy and successful careers in both eCommerce and industrial distribution, fulfillment, and reverse logistics. After years of discussions about how they could be more effective and efficient with their own company and design, they are putting their experience, leadership, and decision making to the test by disrupting eCommerce reverse logistics, providing a boutique fulfillment experience and offering a broad spectrum of customization and value-added services.