The future of sustainability in the retail sector with Al Gerrie

ZigZag Global Co-Founder & CEO Al Gerrie was invited to speak on ‘The future of sustainability in the retail sector’ webinar hosted by Internet Retailing as part of the RetailX Ecommerce World Review Series.

The session provided a ‘comprehensive picture of the current state and future direction of sustainability amongst Europe’s leading retailers and brands’. Al was joined by Steve Sneath, Sales Director at Intersoft with Emma Herrod, Editor at RetailX hosting the event.

The webinar took a deep dive into the attitudes and behaviours of consumers around how brands should approach sustainability, eco-friendly packaging, supply chain and sourcing, championing a circular economy, and much more.

According to ZigZag Global’s Retail Returns Study 2022, 26% of UK consumers don’t know what the greenest carrier service option is whilst making a return or selecting their initial courier. On the topic of sustainability education, Al commented “what we are seeing is a lot more shoppers would consciously choose a greener delivery or greener returns option if it were surfaced to them…so that’s really where the carriers can help out and surface that information to [ZigZag] and then we can encourage consumers to choose the greenest option as the best option at the top of checkout”.

You can watch the video below