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Passing the Mic: Introducing ZigZag’s Implementation Manager Julia Newell

We took five minutes with Julia for another ZigZag Chinwag 2021 was not only a big year for eCommerce, but […]

ZigZag’s Laura Davies chats about all things returns BBC Radio 4

After a blockbuster peak for eCommerce, BBC Radio 4 decided to peek behind the curtains to find out exactly how […]

Passing the Mic: Introducing ZigZag’s Head of Client Success Laura Davies

We took five minutes with Laura for another ZigZag Chinwag A little over a year ago ZigZag Global appointed Laura […]

Navigating a new path for returns on the Future Focus Podcast

As part of the UK at Expo Podcast Series, our Co-Founder & CEO Al Gerrie was invited to speak on […]

The Black Friday Weekend Returns Review

A mix of different factors made this Black Friday one of the toughest to predict in recent memory. The eCommerce […]

Cyber Monday may have passed but peak returns are just kicking off

There truly will be no rest for the wicked this peak. Whilst most retailers will not be complaining about the […]

Passing the Mic: Introducing ZigZag’s CTO Jon Eastwood

We took five minutes with our new CTO for a ZigZag Chinwag In exciting news for ZigZag Global, we have […]

ZigZag Global interviewed by BBC Radio One Breakfast

With driver shortages rivalling Netflix’s Squid Games for the country’s biggest talking points, BBC Radio One Breakfast wanted to hear […]

ZigZag Global discuss the driver shortage and its impact on returns on LBC News

Those fortunate enough to still be working from home or fit and close enough to bike to the office it […]

ZigZag Global claims its third successive accolade at the Commerce Awards 2021

Like Usain Bolt doing the Men’s 100m at the Olympics, Steffi Graf at Wimbledon, and Emmanuel Lubezki at the Oscars, […]