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Discover the Five Personas of eCommerce Returners in time for peak season

As consumers discovered more ways to shop online over the last 18 months, eCommerce exploded by around 50%, taking return volumes to […]

A hat-trick of nominations for ZigZag at the eCommerce Awards 2021

ZigZag Global is delighted to announce that we have received a hat-trick of nominations for the eCommerce Awards 2021. It […]

Consumer returns preferences: Great carrier options can really carry a returns policy

The pandemic and the resulting eCommerce boom highlighted a myriad of shortcomings in the online shopping experience. Covid-19 travel restrictions […]

Communication is key – The importance of great customer service in the returns process

The sale is not lost on a return, nor is it the end of a retailer’s relationship with a customer. […]

The Luxury Retail Sector: Trends in eCommerce and Returns

The UK’s so-called “Freedom Day” is fast approaching on 19th July, a date whereby all restrictions left over from April’s […]

Solving a 9-million-tonnes-a-year problem.

Give Back Box partners with ZigZag Global to redirect landfill-bound clothes to charity ZigZag Global, the global platform that gives […]

ZigZag’s Al Gerrie explores the world of returns for BBC Radio 4

As if you needed any more evidence that returns are growing in importance, ever present at the top of the […]

Al Gerrie explores the six year success story of ZigZag on Tech Salescraft

Our Co-Founder and CEO Al Gerrie joined James Hounslow, CEO of North Starr, for an episode of Tech Salescraft to […]

Why retailers should be prepared for a rise in returns 

The new age of eCommerce has arrived. Consumers, forced to shop online through necessity throughout much of 2020 and 2021, have […]

Join ZigZag Global at Deliver 2021

Going out with a virtual bang. Okay so virtual events will still take place after 21st June, but with the […]