ZigZag Global claims its third successive accolade at the Commerce Awards 2021

Like Usain Bolt doing the Men’s 100m at the Olympics, Steffi Graf at Wimbledon, and Emmanuel Lubezki at the Oscars, ZigZag have claimed their third consecutive accolade at the eCommerce Awards.

After tonight’s ceremony, we are delighted to once again be left with a logistics issue. That issue of course being how to fit the 2021 award on our mantelpiece alongside our other eCommerce Awards from 2019 and 2020.

So, you could say the eCommerce Awards is a bit of a favourite of ours.

ZigZag Global were originally nominated for three awards in 2021’s ceremony, but with fierce competition across the board we are delighted to walk away with the accolade for Best Outsourcer, eCommerce Partner or Supplier / Best Product sponsored by Home Leisure Direct.

It’s been an incredibly tough 18 months for the entire retail sector. Whether its lockdown shutting stores, Brexit halting goods at customs, or trying to keep up with the eCommerce boom, everyone in the retail ecosystem has been kept busy. We are proud of the team for their commitment to driving innovation this year and ensuring that returns continue to be one less thing our retailers need to worry about!

The ceremony itself was of course online, but that didn’t stop the eCommerce Awards from putting on a show. Host Ben Hanlin dazzled the audience with some rather impressive magic tricks and each award was given a quick tribute from the online house band Rockaoke. Can you guess the song that followed our award? You can see in the video below, but that’s just say retailer’s often refer to us as the “Returns Wonderwall”.

With any luck, it will be the last award we have to celebrate in front of a laptop screen…but not our last to celebrate.