ZigZag Global discuss the driver shortage and its impact on returns on LBC News

Those fortunate enough to still be working from home or fit and close enough to bike to the office it may have remained business as usual, but it is hard to believe anyone has been able to ignore the long queues at the petrol stations this week.

Driver shortages, rather than fuel shortages, have panicked motorists into rushing to fill up their tanks across the UK. LBC News was interested in talking to ZigZag to find out how the lack of truck drivers might be impacting the returns process and the wider retail market.

Ian Payne invited Al Gerrie, Founder & CEO of ZigZag Global, for a live chat on their Wednesday radio show. LBC News has continued to grow its audience as more and more people tuned into to radio stations over lockdown, reaching around 2.8m weekly listeners in 2020. So, it was a great privilege to be invited on the segment to provide insight as the leading returns expert.

The topic of returns is proving to become an important consideration to all businesses across the globe. Al explored ways in which retailers can combat the driver shortage through in-country consolidation and stated his prediction for how the shortage might affect peak season returns.

You can listen to the LBC News segment below!