ZigZag Global Showcases the Power of Returns Data at Deliver 2023

ZigZag unveils its latest technology – Live Exchange, Refund to Gift Card and Reporting Hub – to give retailers greater control over their returns

London, 05.06.23: ZigZag Global, a leading retail returns technology company and winner of the Customer Experience award at Deliver 2022, will be unveiling its latest technology at this year’s event. With a focus on the power of returns data and saving the sale for retailers, ZigZag’s technology features help retailers optimise their customer experience while minimising the financial impact of returns.

The ZigZag Global team on stage at DELIVER 2022

Customs delays are still prevalent following Brexit, with many delays attributed to data discrepancies. A recent study by DHL Express revealed that 32% of delays are caused by errors such as missing information on customs invoices and HTS code errors. The importance of accurate data cannot be overstated. A market-first technology for reverse logistics, ZigZag’s Reporting Hub helps retailers plug this gap through collecting returns data in one accessible place, providing robust data-rich insights to inform and evolve outdated strategies

In today’s landscape, consumers are demanding more from retailers while costs continue to rise. ZigZag understands these challenges and has developed technology that empowers businesses to revolutionise the returns process without compromising their bottom line. ZigZag’s Live Exchange, Refund to Gift Card and Reporting Hub helps retailers take control of the returns experience.

Al Gerrie, Co-Founder & CEO at ZigZag commented: At ZigZag we know how costly returns are to our clients, so we have developed technology to help retailers cut costs, identify pain points, and optimise their customer experience. Data plays a vital role in supporting business decisions for modern-day retailers. Particularly when it comes to returns, it’s important that retailers tap into the vast quantities of returns-related information available to them. ZigZag’s Reporting Hub gives these brands access to this information, and the ability to inject extensive data-rich insight and dynamism into their returns process.

Introducing paid returns is a growing consideration for retailers looking to cut down on costs. Paid returns represented 35% of all ZigZag returns made in January 2023 compared to 26% the year before, and will continue to grow. ZigZag’s Reporting Hub highlights the performance of paid returns in different markets, helping retailers make informed decisions on where to implement paid returns permanently. In fact, ZigZag has seen that consumers are still willing to shop with paid returns, as one client saw no drop in sales but a 25% reduction in returns.

Live Exchanges enables customers to request a new item in exchange for the return of the original. By providing shoppers with real-time alternative product options, retailers significantly increase the chances of “saving the sale” and retaining customer revenue. Recent studies have shown that 74% of customers prefer retailers that offer easy exchanges, and ZigZag’s Live Exchanges feature will allow users to do this through Shopify and beyond.

The Refund to Gift Card feature notifies retailers to issue store credit through a digital gift card instead of processing a refund. By keeping the sale within the business, retailers can encourage repeat sales and provide consumers with a faster refund on their returns, driving customer loyalty. ZigZag’s research revealed that 68% of 26–35-year-olds would choose store credit for a 10% or 20% bonus, so offering a small token of additional credit is a way for retailers to incentivise customers to opt in for these return options. 

During Deliver, ZigZag will be presenting two sessions in collaboration with sister brand, Shipup. Run by industry leaders Al Gerrie, Co-Founder & CEO of ZigZag, and Caroline Gaubert-Amy, Field & Partnership Marketing at Shipup, the sessions will look at enhancing the post-purchase experience and providing a seamless returns journey for customers.

Visit ZigZag’s stand at Deliver to learn more about optimising the returns experience through big data insights.