ZigZag partners with Drapers to publish the Collaborating for change: Sustainability 2020 Report

ZigZag partners with Drapers to publish the Collaborating for change: Sustainability 2020 Report

ZigZag is pleased to announce that the Draper’s Collaborating for change: Sustainability 2020 Report was released at the end of last week, and as contributors to the editorial piece, we can say with confidence it’s more than worth a download.

The report has been published to coincide with the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference on 11th March, which is also themed around encouraging the entire retail ecosystem to champion and collaborate more sustainable business practices and product creations. As part of our partnership with Drapers, ZigZag will play host for 20 of the industry’s most influential players at a breakfast roundtable to unpack the report. Taking place prior to the conference on Wednesday, Draper’s Associate Editor, Graeme Moran, will explore the report’s key themes of creating a circular economy, linking supply chains, rethinking packaging, and eco-friendly sourcing from the article, generating some debates around the table in the process.

Patrick Eve, Managing Director, ZigZag Global stated “The retail industry is often considered by many to be one of the least sustainable, with fast fashion acting as a poster boy for this view, as its very nature demands copious journeys to and from customers involving sometimes difficult to recycle materials. With this in mind, it is important to harness any opportunity to be sustainable in retail and there are plenty out there for businesses to explore.”

Driving sustainability in the retail industry is at the heart of our business. ZigZag’s returns management solution cuts carbon emissions by around 60% for its biggest retailers through consolidation and data-driven decisions on where to sell stock locally. Our paperless solution, launched last year, is already making a huge environmental impact, resulting in tens of millions of paper labels not being wasted in outbound parcels. Finally, ZigZag’s ‘Take Back’ scheme functionality is going live imminently, and will enable the growing apparel resale sector to continue to grow. With that in mind, we are grateful to have been partners with Drapers on this sustainability project and look forward to continuing to promote eco-friendly practices within the industry.

If you haven’t downloaded the report yet, visit the Drapers website or follow this direct link to get your sustainability fix!