ZigZag’s Al Gerrie explores the world of returns for BBC Radio 4

As if you needed any more evidence that returns are growing in importance, ever present at the top of the list of retailer priorities, BBC Radio 4 invited us for a quick chat.

Host Winifred Robinson introduced the segment on the You and Yours programme with a customer complaint. The frustration was palpable as the customer had waited a ludicrous amount of time to be refunded after a retailer mix up with her order. No need to worry, of course the customer was not returning from a ZigZag retailer! But it is a pain point that many retailers are looking to solve when they approach our sales team.

ZigZag Global’s Co-Founder & CEO Al Gerrie was asked to provide expertise on the post-purchase experience and provide some insight on how retailers can avoid these customer pain points with a strong returns policy. Al explored the role of free returns, convenient carrier options (including collection from home), fast refunds, and of course the rise of sustainability in the impact on consumer purchasing decisions.

Al stated “Returns are the single biggest pain point in the shopping journey for both retailers and consumers…certainly returns are becoming more and more important in terms of the customer
deciding whether they are going to shop with a retailer both before and after that purchase if they have had a poor experience.”

With over 11 million weekly listeners, BBC Radio 4’s interest in covering returns shows that the spotlight will continue to shine on returns as eCommerce grows, and we are delighted to be the voice of successful reCommerce.