ZigZag’s Laura Davies chats about all things returns BBC Radio 4

After a blockbuster peak for eCommerce, BBC Radio 4 decided to peek behind the curtains to find out exactly how retailers are getting everything done amidst driver shortages and rising return rates.

Host Shari Vahl introduced the segment on the You and Yours programme with some intriguing but wildly different customer approaches to dealing with their returns.  Interestingly some of the customers interviewed felt the returns process was too much hassle to warrant the refund money or they didn’t have the means to print the returns label…enter ZigZag and our paperless solution!

ZigZag Global’s Head of Client Success Laura Davies was asked to summarise how the returns process looks from a customer’s point of view and the role of ZigZag in ensuring it’s a seamless journey every time. Laura also discussed how ZigZag can cut the costs of returns through an extensive, competitively priced carrier network and how the intuitive data insights available can be used to shape business decisions for retailers around the world.

Laura stated “I think that this [wardrobing] has always been an issue even before online trading. But consumers are just more brazen now because they don’t have to stand in front of a person in a shop to get that refund…The data that we provide will show who the biggest returners are and then it’s up to the retailers to decide what action they want to take”.

With over 11 million weekly listeners, BBC Radio 4’s interest in covering returns shows that the spotlight will continue to shine on returns as eCommerce grows, and we are delighted to be the voice of successful reCommerce.